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CATALYST VetPC Workshop & Lectures

Saturday, July 31st

Navigating Client Communications – Defusing Anxious Clients & Embracing Empath – LIVE! 

There is no “Quick Fix” to solving the heightened emotions and anger your veterinary clients are experiencing in their lives and in collaborating with your team in the delivery of veterinary medicine. Managers and teams want the rudeness to stop, now! You can fire your clients, but that is merely a Band-Aid.



Functions of an Innovative, Purpose-Driven Veterinary Team (Pre-Recorded)

You and your team have experienced and overcome a lot of added turmoil during the past year. Now, let’s set our sights on the Functions of cultivating an Innovative, Purpose-Driven Veterinary Team. We will further elaborate on the concepts outlined in the award-winning book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

Veterinary team members can easily identify with the dysfunctions. We will be expanding upon the SOLUTIONS. Attendees will evaluate current values, vision, and mission statements, defining purpose and guiding principles. Establish ways to measure and improve upon trust, the foundation of all successful organizations. Be shown Key Performance Indicators in veterinary team wellbeing and given tools for tracking. Plus, embrace innovation, small and BIG, to build accountability.