Define Needs; Self-Assessment

December 14, 2017

Designing your ideal career by fully defining your requirements, a Self-Assessment. 

Career Stay or GoWhen considering your “ideal” career and pondering your life’s purpose, you may be surprised what surfaces when you put pen to paper. Now is a great time to reflect back on 2020 and to look forward and plan for 2021.

You may find it beneficial to complete the Reflect 2020 and Create 2021 thought-provoking exercise for some questions and thoughts to assist you with this process.

Powerful Self-Assessment

Whether you have been working within veterinary medicine for a while or just stepping into the community, there are a few tips and tricks that may help you find greater satisfaction or help you land the ideal position at the best veterinary hospital/job for YOU.

Requirements for Your Veterinary Career – Complete the Self-Assessment 

There are basic needs (or wants) you may have for your “ideal veterinary career.” You may need to live near your parents, or find a practice in a community with exceptional schools for your children, or live in a recreational paradise. You should have a salary and benefits package in mind. Also consider the size of the practice, services provided, and the standard of care you seek to offer.  There may be additional considerations. Write them down, put pen to paper.

Declare what you need and want!Stay or Go

As an example, fill in the blanks:

  • Desired location is ______________with _______________ opportunities
  • Annual income of $ __________ with a benefits package including ________________
  • Doctor to Team ratio is 1 to _________
  • Hospital provides the following services _____________________________________
  • Equipment or additional resources available are____________________________
  • Standard of care is defined as _______________________
  • I am utilizing my skills at the level of ________________(example answers: my training, below my training, above my training)
  • I have opportunity for learning and advancement in the areas of____________________
  • I’m treated as a professional and there is overall respect for all positions by___________
  • Onboarding is fully understood and embraced
  • Phase training offered with high team retention
  • My personal and professional values align with the practice’s and vision for the future
  • Opportunity for Job Crafting, as outlined in a previous Blog

Now evaluate your current situation. Does it fulfill your answers?

If yes, congratulations! You have a good fit. Now don’t become complacent – keep working at growing relationships and elevating your position within the practice. There are NO GLASS CEILINGS! Your career has boundless opportunities and is important to you for many reasons. Continually growing in your career makes it more rewarding; emotionally, financially, and professionally.

If no, are you considering a move? It’s important to identify what isn’t working. You can use the exercises from above to help you list why this isn’t the fit for you. Be as objective as you can during this powerful exercise. Be clear as to what is not working and explain why. This is not meant to be a “pity-party” assessment. Be very honest with yourself and the reasons behind the dissatisfaction.

If you’re not happy, yet are not looking to seek another place of employment, recognize the reasons. Have you become accepting of the current situation and don’t feel it’s worth your energy to move on? That’s fine, declare it and accept it. It may not be healthy to stay because it’s what you know and feel comfortable with – that it has become the “norm” for you.

Breaking out of your comfort zone is scary, yet necessary, in order to move to a better fit. If, through the previous exercises and objective considerations, your current place of employment is not a good fit, accept it and take steps to find a veterinary hospital that aligns with your values and meets your stated requirements.

The Clincher

Don’t look for a similar situation which is just a different hospital with the same culture that doesn’t align with your values. Now is the time to take your defined values, combine it with your requirements, and truly seek that “ideal” fit for you.