Support for Veterinary Teams through the Holidays

October 16, 2014

Holiday Seasons

Holiday Seasons

How can you and your veterinary team support each other through the Holidays? Yes, the holidays are stressful and your team experiences additional burdens during the upcoming months. Together, let’s identify some of the ways your team can find a pleasant balance and support.

You may have a sense, or know because your medical records and data show, during the holidays there is an increase of euthanasias. This fact in and of itself is stressful. Layer on top of that the demands we place upon ourselves during the next two months, and we have a formula for being overwhelmed. Is it any wonder your team may dread the holidays?

How can we help to mitigate some of the stress and offer resources?

The fact that we are having the discussion, now, is important! We can help by naming the stressors, identify stress relievers, and having open discussions during team meetings.

Consider, during an upcoming team meeting, you open the floor up to a conversation around the upcoming holidays. Ask your team members, “What stresses you out during the Holidays?” Naming stressors is a therapeutic exercise. They may state, “All the calorie ridden meals, buying gifts, too many parties, and increase number of euthanasias (perceived or real).” Place large sticky notes on the wall and ask them to write out their challenges and upcoming burdens.

Next, allow each team member to explain ways they relieve stress (IE, bubble baths, quietly reading a book, working on their hobby). This acts as support in two ways;

1) as managers (or engaged team members), you can see how you can offer guidance through the months and, 2) your team members can see how they can support each other through the Seasons.

As managers (or aware team members), you can now consider gift certificates to a nearby bookstore, a healthy dining experience for the “Holiday Party,” or a gift basket with personal spa items in it (bubbles, candle, aromatherapy). Surely, after identifying stressors and relievers, some ideas will come to mind, personal and from the heart!

Resources for you and your team include:

Self Care Tips for Veterinary Professionals

I am feeling blue, How do I help myself and teammates feel happier in the veterinary clinic?

Veterinary Caregiver’s Book of Quotes

Please contact me to see if there are further ways we can help to find balance for veterinary teams through the holidays! Possibly a shared Webinar or personal coaching sessions, there are many options available to us.

Here’s to a Joyful Holiday Season!

Rebecca Rose, CVT, President of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

Rebecca Rose, CVT,
President & Founder
CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

About the Author: Rebecca Rose CVT is the president of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants, based in metro Denver, Colorado. She has 25 years of experience in the veterinary industry, including experience as a veterinary practice management consultant, a practice manager at two AAHA-accredited animal hospitals, and as an award-winning veterinary technician. She can be reached at:, or 303.717.6224.