Veterinary leaders seeking support in crafting their team's purpose, creating a healthy work environment and designing career advancement opportunities within their practice reach out the CATALYST VetPC.

Now is the time to evaluate your Values, Vision and Mission as guiding principles for the delivery of patient care, client experience and team engagement. Consider evaluations of your hospital's systems impacting your team's satisfaction and longevity.

The CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches team is coordinated by Rebecca Rose, CVT, who has over 30 years of experience in the veterinary community. With her down-to-earth approach, perspective and tangible resources, she helps to guide you in transforming your practice's culture and career path.

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Rebecca Rose, CVT

Founder & President

AKA Director of Possibilities. Rebecca Rose, CVT, brings an interactive and energizing approach to veterinary team development, mentoring, and teaching. She has assisted veterinary practices and professional organizations evaluate their Values, Vision and Mission, designing and transforming cultures into healthy work environments. She inspires and motivates as she moves the team towards their desired goals.