The CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants team is coordinated by Rebecca Rose, CVT, who has 30 years of experience in the veterinary community.

Over the years, Rebecca Rose has also partnered with many top-notch experts in the various areas of veterinary team development and practice prosperity. These Friends of CATALYST are available for consulting / coaching individually or as part of a customized group to help you achieve specific goals for your veterinary practice. Because of Rebecca's extensive networking, she can direct you to the right person for any situation you may encounter.

Rebecca Rose

CVT; Founder & President

AKA Director of Possibilities. Rebecca Rose, CVT, brings an interactive and energizing approach to veterinary practice management consulting, mentoring, and teaching. She has assisted veterinary practices and professional organizations streamline procedures and improve team efficiency. She inspires and motivates as she moves the team towards their desired goals.

Denise Mikita

MS, CVT; Executive Assistant

AKA Manager of Possibilities. Denise and Rebecca share over 18 years of working together in one capacity or another. Denise's background is in small animal practices, a zoo, non-profit work and numerous volunteer positions. Her 20+ years of experience enhances the value CATALYST VetPC brings to the table.

Jamie Davis

BS, CVPM; Social Media Outreach Coordinator

AKA Enhancement of Possibilities. Jamie’s deep passion in social media leads to a wonderful blend and support in reaching out to the veterinary community. Her background in practice management supports the CATALYST VetPC culture and goals.

Tiana Willis

Task Master

AKA Promise in Possibilities. Tiana oversees all of the tedious details behind the scenes and product design of our infographics, CATALYST Quotes and interactive slide presentations. She has a knack for taking the ordinary and making it look extraordinary.