Rebecca Rose, CVT

You will discover Rebecca Rose, CVT’s background within the veterinary community is diverse. In the past, she has managed two AAHA-accredited animal hospitals, is an award-winning certified veterinary technician, has led state and national organizations to the next level, offers coaching services, and is regarded as a noted speaker, blogger, and coach.

Her areas of specialty are:

  • Coaching & Recruiting
  • Facilitating Interactive Workshops
  • Veterinary Team Development & Retention
  • Operations Improvements & Human Resource Tools
  • Organizational Planning & Execution

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Rebecca is able to create a multitude of workshops for your team and/or provide career coaching.

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Following is an overview of the main areas of focus. All are customized to your specific requirements and challenges. 

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  • CATALYST VetPC develops custom workshops designed to meet the specific needs of your veterinary practice or organization.

  • Overwhelmed or simply need help in completing a project? CATALYST VetPC provides the added resources and support in bringing projects to fruition. Employee handbook, efficiency audits and improved team meetings are just a few offerings.

  • You may be at a tipping point in your career: a place in which a little guidance and a few more resources may make a big difference in your career satisfaction.