Through the Eyes of the Client

October 5, 2017

October Focus:

Client Experience – More than the Services

Part one – the visit through the eyes of the client

Have you ever visited a hospital as a client with your beloved pet instead of as a veterinary professional? What did you experience? During the month of October we challenge you to step away from the back room, walk around from the desk and really experience your hospital from the eyes of the CLIENT. What will you see?

When a team provides an extraordinary client visit, it will exceed the client’s expectations. Going that extra step (literally and figuratively) to help clients and their pets feel welcomed, supported and understood is what will make the difference between ordinary service and an extraordinary experience.

Let’s view your facility through the eyes of your client. If you client isn’t having this experience, how can you change it?


As you drive into the parking lot, the signage is inviting and easy to read. The entrance is clean and your dog doesn’t stop to smell the doorway.  As you walk in, both you and your pet are greeted by name and the reason for your visit and your contact information is confirmed.

You are informed that the veterinarian is running just a little late so the client services representative (CSR) asks if you’d prefer to sit in the reception area with the TV, showing educational shows, or the exam room. You choose the quieter, calmer exam room and are offered a bottle of water.


As you settle in, the CSR explains that a veterinary technician will be with you shortly, meaning five minutes or less. Meanwhile you are given some material to read regarding the upcoming exam.

You notice that the room is clean and free of smells and “unique” smudges on the walls. True to the CSR’s word, you are not left alone in the room for longer than five minutes before you begin a conversation with a veterinary professional. After all, it wouldn’t feel very good to sit alone in an exam room for long period of time.


You appreciate receiving expert services from knowledgeable, kind professionals. When you express concerns about your pet’s situation, the veterinarian listens intently and responds appropriately. The entire team is trained to present the top services in concise, clear messages which are easy to understand since you are not medically trained. They treat your pet with kindness and explain everything they are going to do before they do it.


Your discharge instructions, medications and invoice are presented to you in the exam room where you have a chance to have any questions answered rather than in a noisy and distracting front area. The CSR comes into the room and processes your payment and then escorts you to the front door.


Have you ever walked through your hospital without the medical “hat” and truly viewed it from another’s perspective. What do you see? Would you like to be treated this way?  We challenge you to objectively critique how your current client scenario is being handled, what your facility looks like and consider the entire process from your client’s point of view.

After all, many hospitals offer competent medical services. By offering an extraordinary experience, your hospital team can differentiate and excel.

Yours in Client Experience,

Rebecca Rose, CVT