5 Time Management Tips

February 1, 2016

5 Time Management Tips

Time flies, unless you manage it!

Time Management Tips, because time flies when you don’t manage it! January is a perfect case in point! ZOOM-BOOM-GONE!

I can make all kinds of excuses (volunteering at a national level, traveling-A LOT, holidays, meetings), but I won’t. Instead I will shed the last few months of chaos and look at the upcoming months with a clear focus and set of intentions. I know that January is behind me (thankfully) and February is a clean slate (so to speak)!

5 Tips for Time Management

  1. Ask yourself, “Is this the most important task, right now?” As I sit on Facebook liking friend’s posts and sharing the greatest quotes…..What, in this moment, can be done to meet pending projects? DO IT!
  2. Work from a list of 10 items, prioritizing the top three and getting those done during your most focused time. Identify when your “focus time” is. For me, first thing in the morning, immediately following my cup of coffee.
  3. Set reminders on your Google calendar (or similar e-calendar) that text you notifications about upcoming phone calls/meetings. It will keep you on task so you can get ready for what’s coming up. This is especially helpful when traveling. Remember to adjust for time zones (because that can be really confusing if you don’t!)
  4. Say no if your actions don’t benefit your objectives. FIRST you have to identify your objectives! Create a clear vision for the next year. Plans for work, family time, vacations, career development, spiritual growth, and health. An example may be, an invitation to sit on an animal welfare board. As honorable and amazing as that may be, does it align with your objectives? I faced struggled with this exact dilemma a couple of years ago. Even though the organization was fantastic, my objectives shifted, and I had to resign from the animal welfare board. Now, I offer monetary support, instead.
  5. If it costs less and saves time, outsource work so you can concentrate on “bigger tasks.” In a veterinary setting, this may be delegating to a team member that is skilled to do the task (and you are capable and willing of letting go of). Right now, identify three tasks you can delegate to trustworthy team members!

Keep in mind, it takes time to embrace new habits. Allow yourself a month to focus on time management habits to see a shift. Set a reminder, in a month, to evaluate how you have improved in time management.

Rebecca Rose, CVT, CEO of CATALYST Veterinary Practice ConsultantsYours in Time Management,                                                                                          Rebecca Rose, CVT                                                                                                      Founder & CEO