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Whether you are just starting on your incredible journey, or you are looking to liven up your current one, it’s always important to build and grow in your career.

You may be surprised to learn how many career options veterinary teams have within veterinary practice. The SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Article: Technician shortage may be a problem of turnover instead

There seems to be a nation-wide challenge of finding qualified veterinary technicians. Many feel that it’s because they leave the field. However, Rebecca Rose, CVT says the problem isn’t a shortage of technicians but one of team retention, lack of career growth within veterinary practices, and hospitals generally being undermanaged.

Article: The Sky’s the Limit: Career Planning for Veterinary Technicians

There is NO GLASS CEILING! Your career has boundless opportunities and is important to you for many reasons.  Continually growing in your career makes it more rewarding; emotionally, financially and professionally.

Article: Is Dating a Client Taboo?

In this article written by Rebecca Rose, CVT, she discovers that in some business circles, dating clients is very common (although not looked upon favorably!) and there is plenty of research to be found for those professionals. It’s not so easy to locate dating statistics in the field of veterinary medicine. She ended up asking colleagues and friends about their personal experiences, and was surprised by some of their feedback

Book: Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians: Opportunities for Animal Lovers, Revised First Edition

Explore the wide range of career opportunities available within the field of veterinary technology with this comprehensive guide, now fully revised. In-depth career descriptions include daily responsibilities, salaries, required qualifications, and invaluable career advice from those working in the field.
Whether you are seeking a new focus for your established career within or outside a veterinary hospital or a traditional or unconventional career path for your future in veterinary technology, this book is filled with ideas to broaden your perspective on what is possible in the field of veterinary technology.

Worksheet: Career Road Map

This resource provides direction when writing out and defining your career goals. It is intended to guide you through questions about your vision of your future. There is a section to  map out your SMART Goals in helping your vision come to fruition.