Without the proper tools in place, it can be frustrating for managers and team members alike. Build your clinic’s resources and provide guidance for the veterinary team.

Articles: VPN Articles

The CATALYST VetPC Team has a monthly column called “Veterinary Team Insights.” Find the titles and links to the online articles chock-full of information for all veterinary team members focusing on team development, career growth within veterinary practices and teams living well.

Book: Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians: Opportunities for Animal Lovers, Revised First Edition

Explore the wide range of career opportunities available within the field of veterinary technology with this comprehensive guide, now fully revised. In-depth career descriptions include daily responsibilities, salaries, required qualifications, and invaluable career advice from those working in the field.

Whether you are seeking a new focus for your established career within or outside a veterinary hospital or a traditional or unconventional career path for your future in veterinary technology, this book is filled with ideas to broaden your perspective on what is possible in the field of veterinary technology.

Book: Veterinary Employee Handbook

Small businesses benefit from having a comprehensive, customized document. Employee handbooks state a veterinary hospital’s employment policies which establish the foundation for a successful relationship between team members and management.

Book: The Relief Veterinary Technician’s Manual – Your guide to part-time and temporary work

The “Temp Tech’s” guide to creating a relief (temp) technician business, developing a business plan, estimating costs, setting fees and policies, generating work and increasing profitability. Weigh the pros and cons of part-time versus temp work.

Article: Team+Trust+Training = Team Satisfaction, Quality Patient Care, and Profitability

Research in the healthcare setting has established that creating highly functional, highly coordinated healthcare teams results in more efficient medical care, reduced costs of delivery, improved patient outcomes, and increased workplace satisfaction.

List: Resource Books used in Rebecca’s Presentations

These books provide insight and fundamental information for team development. Rebecca often refers to them in her presentations.
**  One of her “go-to” books is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Covey. More information can be found at