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Customized Products to Assist You

You may require additional information from your team to identify specific concerns and assist with developing a strategic plan. Asking your team for their candid input may be beneficial. CATALYST VetPC can assist you in gathering information in a timely and confidential manner.


Strategic Planning – it is about identifying Values, Vision & Mission

CATALYST VetPC can assist your organization in designing your values, vision and mission and execution (AKA: strategic plan) that fits your needs and budget.

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Team Survey-3rd Party Assessment 

What are on the mind’s of your team members? Create a team survey to find out!

Most times surveys can be utilized in order to determine overall team satisfaction, communication or knowledge in a particular area. Your team members may engage candidly in a survey that is created and collated by an outside company.

By going through a 3rd party (CATALYST VetPC), it ensures that all responses remain anonymous. In addition, you will receive an unbiased assessment of the results.

Overview of the process:

  1. Discovery Phone Conversation (1 hour) = Identify the needs of your facility and outline survey questions.
  2. Constant Contact Survey = You will receive a draft survey for your review. This will contain the questions that are tailor-made to your situation and branded for your hospital.
  3. Distribution of Survey = CATALSYT VetPC will distribute the survey to your team members in a fashion that works best (to be determined during the discovery phone conversation).
  4. Tabulation of Responses = After a pre-determined amount of time, CATALYST VetPC will collate all responses, present raw data in a readable fashion including charts and graphs if appropriate, and provide a comprehensive summary including interpretation of data.
  5. Review Phone Conversation (1 hour) = A final phone call will review the results of the survey.

Graph example of one question

Cost: Base package = $300 for first 20 responses.  For each additional 10 responses add $75.

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