The group breaks into smaller groups to discuss specific issues in veterinary team communication.

Use these exercises to better understand your team members and assist in working towards common goals.  This leads to increased staying power (employee retention) and career satisfaction.

Video: Exploring Your Team’s Personal Preferences

When you understand what drive each team member, you will be increasing their staying power and career satisfaction.

Personal Value-Vision-Mission Statements

Each veterinary team member is a valuable asset and brings a kaleidoscope of experiences and expertise to the table. Understanding your personal values, vision and mission allows you to better recognize how you fit into the  larger scheme.

Worksheet: SMART Goal Worksheet  = view a PDF version

When working on projects or assignments, sometimes it is helpful to outline the process in the beginning. Use this handy worksheet to establish the Specific goal, Measure where you want to go with it (desired outcome), define who is Accountable and is it Attainable, look at it from a Realistic standpoint, and finally, what is the Time frame for completion.

Worksheet: Professionalism Quick Test = PDF document

Take this “quick test” to see how you rank in professionalism!

Exercise: Poker Chip Game – a team exercise

Recognizing the roles that each team member plays leads to greater job satisfaction.