Team Meetings

Veterinary Team Meetings Tool Kit

Here are some helpful tools to begin conversations with your veterinary team.



Words Not to Use

Whether talking among team members or speaking to clients, avoiding these words and phrases will increase professionalism. View the Blog

Client Communication

Think about how the veterinary team communicates with the client. Is it in a way that the client can understand? Or is it in medical terms? See if your team speaks “client.”

Financial Stewardship

Assist the team in understanding how they contribute to the bottom-line and start the uncomfortable financial conversation. See Tools for Financial Conversations  

Team Surveys

Third Party surveys can help managers and owners discover how the team really feels, especially if the culture minimizes open communication. Obtain more information here.

4 WellBeing Tips

When team members take care of themselves, they will perform better. Start with these simple, yet useful, tips for wellbeing.  View details here (PDF document).


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