Training, Trust, & Delegation=Team Satisfaction

August 6, 2015

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Are you ready to train, trust and delegate to help your Veterinary teams reach their highest potential?

Training, Trust, & Delegation = Veterinary Team Satisfaction 

If you ask your team, “How can we reach our highest potential in veterinary services, team satisfaction, and profitability,” would your team be able to give you a thoughtful answer? It’s a pretty heavy duty question, when you think about it. I challenge you to pose the question to your team at an upcoming meeting then LISTEN, quietly, for their answer (aah, aah, ahh, don’t give them the answer!!!).
Your team may answer with this succinct answer, “We can reach our highest potential through training, trust, and delegation.”


This month’s topic:
Training, Trust, & Delegation=Team Satisfaction


Do you agree with the statement, “Time is a veterinarian’s greatest asset?” You may also agree that veterinarians who have conquered time management through properly delegating to their trusted team is on the road to personal and professional success. Their clients are receiving an extraordinary experience, their patients are receiving outstanding care, their veterinary team is appreciated and utilized, and their bottom line is growing. Seems like a pretty sweet deal for everyone.


TRAINING is fundamental to success, at time of hire and beyond. Veterinarians, technicians, and managers often step outside of the veterinary hospital for continuing education. That’s great! Consider offering training in-hospital, beyond the new hire expectations. Consider short, thirty minute training programs during team meetings. How about a veterinarian and technician collaborating to offer a presentation on a previous “cool” case or new surgical procedure, or heartworm disease? The list is endless and in-hospital training is valuable. Read our previous Blog on In-Hospital Training.


Diving into the concept of TRUST, I recently read an outstanding book, The Speed of Trust, by Stephen Covey. Highly recommend it! I had always felt trust was measurable, now with the help of Dr. Covey, it has been proven. Your team can measure trust. As in all things, if you want to improve on something (make it bigger, better, faster, etc) simply measure it. Consider measuring the level of trust in your practice.


Prior to your next team meeting, forward your team this questionnaire on trust Top 7 Ways to Measure your Organization’s Trust.  Then ask them to step into a conversation on trust. Hint: being able to have a conversation around trust is telling in-and-of-itself. Once your team has identified there is a high level of trust (GOOD FOR YOU!) or a low level of trust (there is hope!), you can begin improving on it. Even when there is a high level of trust, don’t take it for granted. Trust, like communication skills, can always be improved upon.


DELEGATION is defined as  is the assignment of responsibility to another person to carry out specific activities. It is one of the core concepts of management leadership. Delegation empowers a team member to make decisions and complete the task as they deem necessary, to the standard of excellence expected in the practice. Within veterinary medicine, veterinarians and managers typically delegate tasks to the team member with the appropriate training for the task. Often times veterinarians and managers have a difficult time delegating for fear of losing control or fear the task will not be completed to their satisfaction. Through training and building trust, these fears can be laid to rest, allowing the team to reach their highest potential.
I am not a fan of the title, but this is a great article: Delegating for Dummies.


Through training, open dialog, making mistakes (and growing through them), your team builds trust. Supporting team members in calculated risks and having tough conversations, your team grows in trust. When team members are trusted, veterinarians and managers are more comfortable in delegating the appropriate tasks and duties to the team member trained to perform that task/duty.


Nearly two decades ago I began presenting on the topic of team leveraging and satisfaction. The same principles apply today as they did, then. Train, trust, and delegate for increased patient care, time management, client service, team satisfaction and profitability. Your team will reach their highest potential through training, trusting, and delegating.


I challenge you to train your team, build trust by measuring it, and delegating to increase team satisfaction, client service, and profitability.

Yours in Team Leveraging & Satisfaction.
Rebecca Rose, CVT
CATALYST Team Consultant

Rebecca Rose, CVT, President of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

Rebecca Rose, CVT,
President & Founder
CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants