Veterinary Professional Retreat

Yes, we can even organize something as grandiose as a day-long or weekend retreat!

Be sure to schedule a quick, free Discovery Call to brainstorm ideas!

Following is an outline of a Retreat designed and lead by CATALYST VetPC supporting a team in improving communications, accountability and designing their team’s culture.

Pre-Work includes (sent to team members attending via email):

Short, anonymous survey collecting information about the upcoming topics.

Articles and Blogs to stimulate great conversations when we gather. I have found this to be greatly advantageous to earlier and deeper engagement during the retreat.

Pre-Work examples may include, but not limited to:

Examples of Topics of discussion during Retreat:


Courageous Conversations; Respond, Don’t React 

  • Break

4 Tips to Owning a Professional Attitude 

30 minute lunch break

Defining your Veterinary Team Culture 

SMART Goals x 3 decided upon by the team and filled out

Teams are broken into small groups for engaged activities then asked to share their findings. The Goals are defined, action items determined and two people established as the leads (Accountable) for the goal.