Veterinary Team Accountability Resources

February 6, 2020

The irony of accountability is that veterinary team members feel they hold themselves to a high level of accountability, and yet they want others on their team to be more accountable. It seems there is a strong case for the OTHER person to be more accountable. Sound familiar?

Following is a gathering of resources for Veterinary Team Accountability. A reminder to start the conversation from a low-risk point of view and build up to higher risk conversations.

CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches support managers and teams in starting the discussion and transform the culture to become personally accountable. Contact Us to learn more.

4 Tips for Personal Accountability great Blog to share with your team in a general eNewsletter or communication.

3 of 180 Biases; Test Assumptions Group Think, Time & Spotlight biases. FASCINATING!

Veterinary Team Accountability

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