Veterinary Team Gratitude

November 8, 2016


Change your outlook, change your life. Gratitude changes everything!

Change your outlook, change your life. Team Gratitude changes everything!

This past week, while participating in the Veterinary Wellness Summit at Colorado State University, a common theme was the expression of team gratitude, creating a space of intention around gratitude.

I especially enjoyed Marie Holowaychuk’s interactive class. I simply love it when complete strangers are asked to interact and facilitators have to whistle, repeatedly, to grab their attention!! She asked the participants to identify ways in which individuals and team can express gratitude. I took away these 4 tips.

Encouraging Team Gratitude, 4 Tips

  1. Create a Gratitude Jar. Team members are simply asked to place a comment of gratitude into the jar, each day. At the end of the week, there is a drawing for something special.
  2. Gratitude Statements. Each week, or daily, a new, inspiring post is generated for the team members to read. This can be on a visual board in the hospital, dropped into emails, expressed on social sites.
  3. Gratitude Journal. Give team members a journal in which they can write about what they are grateful for. “Research consistently finds that keeping a gratitude journal makes you twenty-five percent happier,” writes Greater Good.  Can an office keep a journal? Of course!
  4. Gratitude Board. Team members are encouraged to place the name of a co-worker on the Board, to show their gratitude. This could be named a “Thank You” Board, as well.

These are just a few tips, there are MANY MORE ways to express team gratitude. Ask your team for suggestions. You will be surprised by their collective brainstorming ideas.

Yours in Team Gratitude, Rebecca Rose, CVT

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