Top 4 Soft Skills

September 1, 2020

What are on your Top 4 Soft Skills to master?

I imagine when this question is posed to a veterinary team, each person will come up with a slight variation. Find a list of traits in our previous Blog Soft Skills R HARD!

The following are interpersonal skills I feel are worthy of further development and understanding.

Communication skills: Interpreting information through speaking, listening and observing

Culture awareness: Ability to effectively interact, work and develop meaningful relationships with those of various cultural backgrounds within the organization

Creative Problem-Solving: Developing new ideas, applying new solutions to address existing problems

Critical thinking: Objective analysis and evaluation in order to form a judgment on a topic

BONUS: Emotional intelligence: Practicing control, expression and observation of interpersonal relationships among people in a workplace

Today, during our FREE Open Forum discussion on the topic or Soft Skills being HARD, we had a great conversation! We discovered the attendees placed these traits as valuable Soft Skills and the most important take-away, we simply need to talk about the skills and provide training to support the team.

Valuable Traits:

  • Adaptability
  • Positive attitude/vibe most of the time, because we know some days SUCK!
  • Active Listening, hearing to understand
  • Social Awareness
  • politeness

We also learned managers felt they were leading through example and acknowledging jobs well done, however they agreed they may need to verbalize their exemplifying soft skills more often. It’s apparent that simply “leading through example in soft skills” doesn’t impact or improve the behaviors of team members. Employees need to be shown what the skill is (active listening, being empathetic) before they can improve upon it. The attendees agreed “talking the talk and walking the walk” was important but not a substitute for formal training for interpersonal skills.

Two things that could be done better:

  1. updating the job announcement and evaluating the hiring process to include soft skill traits
  2. create an environment in which giving and receiving feedback was improved upon
  3. include training sessions with the team focusing on soft skills felt to be important for the team

How can we support you and your team? We deliver training on these topics. Learn more about our Workshops.

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Yours in Veterinary Team Development,

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach


The Ten Most In-Demand Soft Skills to Master:

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