2 EASY Tips Vet Team Support

May 7, 2020

2 EASY Tips in Veterinary Team Support   

You and your team are ROCKSTARS!

Thank you for all you are doing behind your masks as they fog up your glasses and allow your eyes to show all your expressions. We applaud you for your strength, dedication and wrap you in loving endurance.

Take a look at two highlighted tips to support your team. Remember, simple acts of kindness go a long way. Acknowledgment and appreciation may make those eyes shine! We love you and wish you well.

1. What Motivates you? 
Don’t just guess what motivates your team.

Determine what keeps them engaged and interested in their career. Implement those offerings and suggestions. I find it rather ironic when a manager asks, “What do my team members want?” I encourage them to simply ask their team members. During formal reviews, team meetings and casual conversations, ask your team members about their aspirations, what drives them and how you can make their work-days better. Then follow through with their suggestions.

Prior to an upcoming meeting, type on paper the following questions. Then hand out the sheet allowing your team members an opportunity to answer either anonymously or with their name on it.

  1. During a work-day, I am most excited about ______________________________________.
  2. The best part of my day is ___________________________________________________.
  3. The worst part of my day is __________________________________________________.
  4. If I were to give myself a gift (without boundaries) I would gift me ________________________.
  5. If I were to book a vacation I would _____________________________________________.
  6. I love it when ____________________________________________________________.

Now, take that information and help support your team members during the best and worst part of their day. Find an opportunity to gift them something that would make them smile.

2. SMART goals
Put in place SMART Goals for individuals and the team. Nothing is more demoralizing than planning to do a thing (a project, a protocol, an implementation of any kind) and it does not get done!

Let’s pretend (one of my favorite things to do!) your team simply wants an Ice Cream Social (sounds like fun!) and the idea is planted, but nothing happens (demoralizing!).

On the other hand, an Ice Cream Social is given a chance to come to fruition through a SMART Goal.

  • Specific: Ice Cream Social
  • Measurable: We have never done one before. Let’s DO IT!
  • Accountable: James and Stacy are responsible for making it happen.
  • Actionable: Put together the Grocery Store delivery for Friday at 3:30. Pay for the ice cream, whipped topping, nuts, hot fudge, bowls, spoons, sprinkles and cones. Mark out the appointments for your Ice Cream Social. Yes, give your team 30 minutes of down-time!
  • Realistic: yes, this is a way to show appreciation for all their work and dedication. How does this support your Values, Vision and Mission.
  • Timely: Next Friday at 3:30
  • #CelebrateMore because we are having a Social!

Check out the FREE SMART Goals course to help you and your team. Use the awesome tool to bring your ideas to completion. Remember, #CelebrateMore!

Your team is your greatest asset! ROCKSTARS, each and every one!

Yours in Team Support,

Rebecca Rose,

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