Veterinary Team Synergy

March 19, 2016

TeamworkSuccessful Veterinary Practice = Successful Veterinary Team

At the foundation of every successful veterinary practice is a successful veterinary team. Each team is made up of a kaleidoscope of colors (personalities), levels of responsibilities, and passion in the care of veterinary patients and clients.

Isn’t it wonderful we have varying backgrounds, skill sets, and focuses within the veterinary hospital?! It truly takes a variety of people and skills to make the team function. It can be a super opportunity for synergy (1+1=3)!

As an example, I am a veterinary technician and that has been my career calling since the age of 8! Many within the field of veterinary medicine can say that they knew they wanted to work with animals since a young age. Others have migrated to the veterinary community as a second, and sometimes a third, career.

Whatever the career path, it takes kennel aides, receptionists, assistants, veterinary technicians, managers and veterinarians to make the “veterinary hospital world go ‘round!” And within that world, it takes a variety of personalities, education, and motivation to make it all work. Each team member fulfills a specific need, impacts quality of care, gains career satisfaction, and promotes client service.

Different Jobs for Different Folks

It takes a certain individual to fulfill the job description of a veterinary receptionist– often times gregarious, detailed-oriented, curious, and communicative. Kennel aides support the patient’s needs of basic husbandry and TLC. Managers, embracing office duties, human resources, state laws governing small businesses, and communication, are geared for growing teams and companies.

Assistants and veterinary technicians are a direct extension of the veterinarian in regards to medical orders and patient care, allowing the veterinarians to focus on their duties (diagnosing, prescribing, treating and surgery).  Team satisfaction is elevated when team members are empowered and supported to do their job to their highest potential.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has this to say regarding the veterinary team as stated in their Policy on Veterinary Technology Preamble; “The veterinary profession is enhanced through efficient utilization of each member of the veterinary health care team by appropriate delegation of tasks and responsibilities to support staff.”

Through respect and understanding of all the team members, and their role within the veterinary hospital, teams will be successful; offering the best veterinary medicine, patient care, client service, and team satisfaction. Team synergy can be a reality (1+1=3)!

Rebecca Rose, CVT, CEO of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

Yours in Team Synergy,

Rebecca Rose, CVT