Veterinary Team TRUST; the Core to all Things Prosperous

May 16, 2016

Veterinary Team TRUST

Veterinary Team TRUST; the Core to all Things Prosperous

You may feel in your gut, as I have for a couple of decades, that a trusted veterinary team is leveraged and will experience personal and professional success. Now, after a year of researching, asking questions, and collaboration, I can say, “Trust is fundamental to prosperity.”

This past year, while collaborating with Dr. Jason Coe, we discussed trust and veterinary teams at length. We concluded trust defines a healthy workplace, in all senses of the word. When a team is trusted, they are leveraged (healthy), the practice is financially stable (healthy), and the work environment is supportive (healthy).

During the winter, I read a super book that affirmed my suspicions about trust.

The Speed of TRUST; The one thing that changes everything, was eye opening and hit the mark!

As written in the book, The Speed of Trust, the economics of trust simply states that trust always affects two measurable outcomes: “speed and cost”.

  • When trust goes down, speed will also go down while cost will go up. This is a tax.
  • When trust goes up, speed will also go up while cost will come down. This is a dividend.

I can see how this plays out in a veterinary hospital. As an example, when a veterinarian (or manager) trusts her team she properly delegates tasks and duties to the team members with the appropriate training. This levies her time. In this way, she is demonstrating trust. Trust has gone UP, the team is timely and efficient, and the cost to deliver the service has gone down. THIS IS A GOOD THING! This is referred to as a dividend. The team is efficient, effective, and profitable!

On the flip side, as another example, when a veterinarian (or manager) is untrusting, the opposite effect plays out. The team is less efficient, less effective, and less profitable. See how that works?

“Nothing is as profitable as the economics of trust,” states Steve Covey. I KNEW IT!

Now, you may see how trust is the core to all things prosperous. When veterinary teams are trusted they are appropriately leveraged and the cascade begins. Trusted team members allow for veterinarians to focus on “doctor things” and the team get to focus on “team things.” This frees the doctor to continue to see more patients and manager her time, efficiently.

Charlotte Lacroix’s article, Utilizing an Underused Resource; Veterinary Technicians (referring to an AVMA economic survey in 2007), supports the profitability a veterinary practice can achieve by leveraging members of a veterinary practice. For every credentialed veterinary technician a practice employed, the practice generated $161,493 more in gross revenue. The study attributed the increase in revenue to the freeing up of the veterinarian’s time by allowing qualified technicians to complete tasks veterinarians traditionally oversaw. KAZAWA! TRUST, speed, cost, and profitability!

Please take a peek at the video you are given to further dive into the idea of measuring and improving trust among your team members. Simply having a discussion around trust will bring it to light and place action into motion.

Feel free to reach out to us when you have questions about veterinary team development, training, and trust.

Yours in Team Trust,

Rebecca Rose, CVT

Rebecca Rose, CVT, CEO of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants






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