UNLEASHING your Fullest Potential

December 10, 2018

Find strength and support in UNLEASHING and reaching your Fullest Potential!

Veterinary team members are encouraged to design, create, and find support for your career and reach new heights in job satisfaction, fulfillment, and prosperity. If you can’t imagine it, nobody else can dream it for you.

You may be thinking, “That’s for others in the veterinary community, I have too much debt, too much “baggage,” too little confidence …(you fill in the blank)….” I say, “POPPYCOCK!” You do not have to be the veterinarian that is overscheduled, the technician that is under paid, or the receptionist that is under-appreciated.

Starting TODAY, you have every opportunity to design a fulfilling career and make it happen! The veterinary community is a great place to continue growing, engaging, and reaching higher levels, personally and professionally. You may be bombarded with naysayers. It’s your choice to tune them out and seek supporters! They are ALL around you when you make the effort to find them.


1. Envision and focus on the BIG picture.  Have well-defined goals that keep you heading in the right direction. While in your “daily work,” stay present, and efficient. When the time comes to dream, nurture, and grow your plans, be equally vigilant.

Stay positive. What you think about, you bring about. Where your mind goes, so shall your life; first visualizing, then materializing. Draw, color, write, and describe your plan to others in your sphere of influence, to nurture the seed and grow to fruition.

2. Plan your week to support your focus.  Allow for time in order to meet your due dates and personal expectations. This may include establishing stronger, personal boundaries. Making sure you get off of work when you are scheduled to leave because you have a meeting with a mentor, or an evening class, or other commitments.

Scheduling your week, sticking to the appointments, creates the needed time management to reach your highest potential. Making sure a child-sitter is dependable or that your significant other “has your back” cooking a meal and doing the dishes (I am confident they will do it just fine!). When you have a defined plan, sharing the goal with others, you will be surprised at the support that comes your way.

3. Identify your mentors, tap into their collective knowledge. When speaking with students and team members, many of them are eager to share their stories of support and encouragement from a mentor. Often times, mentors have more faith and believe in us more than we do! Mentors offer sound advice, can point you in the right direction, and they want to help you succeed.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you! If your current circle of friends are not supportive, time to expand your circle of friends! Who you are today (and the people you hang out with today), is not who you have to choose to be tomorrow (or hang out with tomorrow).

4. Leverage to maximum capacity.  If you feel like you’re being underutilized, and that your talents aren’t fully tapped, change it! Identify and describe the things you want or could be doing. Then set a meeting with your manager and outline how you can contribute more. If the manager says, “no,” find out why and see what you need to do in order to move forward.  Instead of being discouraged, find another approach.

If it’s something you really want to be doing, that falls into your “big picture,” then you may have to be creative in order to accomplish it.

5. Fill your cup along the path.  In planning, designing, scheduling, and expanding, remember to take care of yourself. Continue to find time and things that “fill your cup.” Recharge your batteries on your path to reaching your fullest potential, because there will be no light to shine if you are running on empty.

6. Embrace change.  Remember, “The only thing constant is change!” As you embark down the journey of reaching your greatest potential, there is no doubt, there will be CHANGE! Just implementing the previous tips may require change; new focus, new habits, stronger, healthier boundaries, new acquaintances, and new joy.

Become ADAPTIVE, ADVENTUROUS, & embrace all the POSSIBILITIES before you. Life is a grand journey, take it all IN!

You got this! Fully UNLEASH your greatest potential. Reach your highest heights! The pets and clients you serve deserve it. Your teammates deserve it. Most of all, YOU DESERVE IT!

Here’s to reaching your highest potential,

Rebecca Rose, CVT

Certified Career Coach

Founder & President





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