Mix & Match Workshops

Customized Veterinary Team Workshops

Customize to your Team’s needs! Mix & Match to create a day of training or deliver over a few weeks. Build to create dialog focused on your team’s greatest challenges in Wellbeing or elevate Professional Development. Prices valid through June 2021.

Virtual or On-Site, what do you want to create today?

Workshops include pre-work, reading material, and a short, anonymous survey. Immediately following the Workshop, attendees receive added resources as defined during the class. PLUS a week later one follow-up call with the coordinator.

Mix & Match Veterinary Team Workshops

All-Time Classic FAVORITES! 

  • Professionalism; Own IT!
  • Courageous Conversations; Respond, don’t react
  • Careers within Veterinary Hospitals; Grow your Passion
  • Accountability; Where does it begin?
  • Leading through Example throughout your Day
  • Build your Connections; Benefits of belonging in Organized Medicine

8 PILLARS OF WELLBEING & Key Performance Indicators in Veterinary Team Wellbeing 

(50-60 minute topics/titles)

  • Consider Work/Life Blend (instead of Balance)
  • Social – A Sense of Purpose; Driven by Values & Guiding Principles
  • Emotional- Self-Care Regimen for Veterinary Professionals
  • Spiritual – Mindfulness & Gratitude Changes Everything
  • Intellectual- Improve your Emotional Intelligence and/or Resilience
  • Physical- Take your M.E.D.S.
  • Environmental – Express Yourself; Strengthening Psychological Safety
  • Financial – Veterinary Team Finances to include Limiting Beliefs around Money
  • Occupational – Career Advancement within Veterinary Hospitals
  • Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Workplace Boundaries
  • KPI in Veterinary Team Wellbeing for the WIN! (to wrap up all of the series created)
  • SMART Goals: The Secret Sauce – Bring it ALL TOGETHER

 Mix & Match Functions of an Innovative, Trustworthy Veterinary Team

(50-60 minute topics/titles)

  1. The Foundation of Trust
  2. Courageous Conversations 
  3. Intent in Commitment-Defining Purpose 
  4. Build Accountability
  5. Measuring for Improvements; Veterinary Team Wellbeing KPIs
  6. SMART Goals for the WIN!

Mix & Match Defusing the Anxious (angry) COVID Client 

(50-60 minute topics/titles)

1) Why the hostility? Let’s dissect it
2) Empathy vs Sympathy vs Sorry (driving connection or disconnection?)
3) Pro Tip #1 BIFF (Brief, Informative, Firm & Friendly)
4) 4 tips in dealing with difficult clients
5) What is your masked language saying? Body language 201
6) Resolution and Win/Win/Win
7) SMART Goals for the WIN!

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Pre-work, specific to the topic (+/- articles, videos, quizzes, self/team-evaluations, surveys, etc.), via email
  • Either a 2-hour on-site (in person) facilitation or a 1-hour virtual (on-line computer) session.
    • Many of our workshops are approved for CE credit for Colorado Veterinarians and Technicians
    • Your customized workshop can be RACE approved for an additional $300.00 (base fee) plus the creation of quizzes with 10 questions (when the recording is reviewed for credits) and the ability to receive a list of emails of each team member in attendance during the LIVE session.
  • Slide presentations, engaged conversations, group discussions, team exercises and identification of team SMART Goals for moving forward
  • A location and time convenient for the team
  • Follow-up materials and other supportive resources as identified during the workshop
  • Approximately 1 week later, a phone call or email consultation to discuss and support the progress of the team goals
  • On-site Workshops start at $950 each (if outside the Denver Metro area, additional travel expenses may occur) and On-line Virtual Workshops starts at $395 each
    • RACE application and approval for your customized workshop is an additional $300.00 plus the addition of 10 question quiz for online/recorded workshop and receiving the email of attendees for AAVSB requirements

Prices valid through June 2021.