Disconnect During Vacations

April 25, 2017

When veterinary team members disconnect, it might feel like a true vacation.

Veterinary teams benefit from totally disconnecting during vacations. When asking veterinary team members about vacations, many times it has been a while since they took a true vacation, let alone totally disconnected.

We are “connected” in various ways through a long list of electronic apps, equipment and continual bombardment of “pings, dings and dongs.” When was the last time you turned off the background noise to embrace peace and solitude? Throughout my lifetime I have lived “off the grid,” cherishing the moments of disconnection (or at least an excuse to be disconnected). One of my favorite vacations was to Lake Powell where there is absolutely NO cell service!

This past week we traveled to New York City for a three day weekend. It was a big deal not to take my laptop, choosing to leave my work (work=computer time in my world) at home. Even when I’m at home (where my office is) over a weekend, it is a triumph not to turn on the computer for the two days!

I realize that phones are incredible computers (having the same amount of technology as the spaceships landing on the moon!), but it can be difficult to disconnect, especially when we reach to the phone to check work related emails, follow up with a client or can’t help but “check in.”

My son is my CPA (hang with me, this all connects in the end) and he hooked me up with awesome, electronic software for my business on my phone (e.g., Hubdoc, TSheets and Quick Books online). While learning about TSheets, I read about their company’s vacation philosophy and I HAVE TO SHARE IT! It can also be viewed here:  What Your Vacation Should Really Look Like.

First, TSheets offers a $1500 vacation bonus to employees when they fully unplug from work while on their trips. That’s right, the employee is on a paid vacation and gets a bonus to unplug! There is a stipulation, but a GREAT ONE – Employees are NOT ALLOWED to answer work related phone calls, return work emails or even respond to texts. OMG, isn’t that incredible!

Veterinary hospitals can institute this, too.  You may be telling yourself, “BUT I have cases. BUT I have clients. BUT I have (you fill in the blank).”


Secondly, TSheets employees are encouraged to take photos, journal about the vacation and share the experience with the rest of the team upon their return to work.

Is it any wonder that TSheets has built a culture based upon “Work really hard. Play really hard?” They back this core value by supporting their team members by completely disconnecting and rejuvenating. What a concept!

4 Tips to Disconnect

  1. Trust your team
  2. Unplug your computer
  3. Prepare your mobile device (set work related notices OFF)
  4. Have FUN

These are just a few concepts to consider in supporting your team on their vacations. It’s a great way to support a life balance that is rejuvenating, enjoyable and offers a few days of total disconnecting.

Yours in Veterinary Team Wellness,

Rebecca Rose, CVT