Upcoming Events

Wait ’til you cruise through this incredible line-up of Fall Events. The first of the year may have been tampered by, you know, a Global Pandemic, BUT we are geared up, NOW!

In Chronological Order

Tool Kit; After a Suicide Postvention – Launching the middle of September.

Rebecca Rose, CVT is honored to have been invited to be on the Working Group to design a valuable tool for our veterinary managers and administrators.

Pet Healthcare Industry Summit September 14th -15th

Banfield Pet Hospital – Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach will be participating in the Panel Discussion regarding the lack of paraprofessionals within veterinary medicine and much more.

AVTE Symposium – Keynote – September 19th

  • Vision to ACTION; Integrating a healthy life and career in veterinary technology

Veterinary Education Today (VET) Canada – Highlighted Speaker – September 30th

  • The New Norm of a Revolving Door; Adapting During the Phases of Morphing to Performing
  • Through the Eyes of the Client; Critically evaluate your client experience to deliver 5 Star service

Healthy Boundaries in Wellbeing  Monthly Veterinary Collective Open Forum- October 1st – Healthy Boundaries

Pacific Northwest Veterinary ConferenceOctober 4th

Wellness Track – 8:30 – 12:20 Pacific Time

  • Trends Impacting Veterinary Medicine
  • Define a Healthy Work Environment; Culture by Design, not Default
  • A Case Study in Veterinary Team Wellbeing
  • Putting it all Together; SMART Goal, Mapping Out Wellbeing

ArizonaVMA 5 Functions of a Team Series October – November

  • Part 1 – Foundation of Trust: Tuesday, 10/6/20
  • Part 2 – Courageous Conversations: Tuesday, 10/20/20
  • Part 3 – Intent in Commitment: Wed., 11/4/20
  • Part 4 – Build Accountability: Wed., 11/18/20
  • Part 5 – Measuring for Improvements: Wed., 12/2/20

Illuminating Veterinary Women’s RetreatOctober 8th – 10th

What awesomeness is inside of you ready to be lifted by the spirit of the horse and be given free rein?

Your illuminating retreat will be supporting you by incorporating an equine-assisted coaching session,  tapping into your entrepreneurial spirit in growing your authentic-self in branding, exploring living fully and authentically blending your veterinary professional life with a fulfilling personal life.

NAVTA Wellbeing Task Force – National Veterinary Technician Week – October 12th

  • Simple Solutions in Self-Care

Giving and Receiving Feedback – Hills Pet Nutrition- NVTW – October 15th 

Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed SymposiumNovember 13th-15th

What do you want out of your career? How can you and your team create a healthy, purposeful working environment? We simply want to support you in creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and career in veterinary medicine.

Join us during the November Symposium to receive solutions, build your tribe and grow, personally and professionally.