Upcoming Events

Wait ’til you cruise through this incredible line-up of Fall Events. The first of the year may have been tampered by, you know, a Global Pandemic, BUT we are geared up, NOW!

In Chronological Order

Tool Kit; After a Suicide Postvention – Download the PDF on our Living Well page.

Rebecca Rose, CVT is honored to have been invited to be on the Working Group to design a valuable tool for our veterinary managers and administrators.

ArizonaVMA 5 Functions of a Team Series October – November

  • Part 1 – Foundation of Trust: Tuesday, 10/6/20
  • Part 2 – Courageous Conversations: Tuesday, 10/20/20
  • Part 3 – Intent in Commitment: Wed., 11/4/20
  • Part 4 – Build Accountability: Wed., 11/18/20
  • Part 5 – Measuring for Improvements: Wed., 12/2/20

NAVTA Wellbeing Task Force – National Veterinary Technician Week – October 12th

Giving and Receiving Feedback – Hills Pet Nutrition- NVTW – October 15th 

CAT VetPC FREE Open Forum – November 5th – 11:30 Mtn Time

Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed SymposiumNovember 13th-15th

What do you want out of your career? How can you and your team create a healthy, purposeful working environment? We simply want to support you in creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and career in veterinary medicine.

Join us during the November Symposium to receive solutions, build your tribe and grow, personally and professionally.