Upcoming Events

Cruise through this unique line-up of 2021 Events.

2020 may have been tampered by, you know, a Global Pandemic, BUT we are geared up for 2021!

In Chronological Order


Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 5:00 – 7:00 PM Mtn Time

  1. A Sense of Purpose; Driven by Values & Guiding Principle
  2. KPI in Veterinary Team Wellbeing for the WIN!

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Veterinary Team Global Stream Conference 

Sunday, May 16th

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Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach

  1. Trends Impacting Veterinary Technician Careers; Discovering Solutions & Resources
  2. Careers within Veterinary Practice
  3. Careers beyond Veterinary Practice
  4. Fully Defining your Personal/Professional Values, Vision, and Mission Statements 

Jamie Davis, CVPM

  1. Receptionists/CSRs, Don’t be a Doormat; Express yourself


AAHA Connexity Virtual Experience 

Wednesday, May 26th

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  1. The Great Debate: Should Technicians Unionize? Rebecca Rose, CVT to Facilitate the conversation with  Debbie Boone, Leslie Boudreau, Stephen Cital, and Liz Houghston.
  2. Now, Near, Far Staffing Panel Discussion.

Speaker Training Bootcamp 

Join us for a short, intense, interactive Bootcamp on May 29th.
  • Overcome your fears
  • Expand upon your ideas and network
  • Enhance your skills in speaking and communicating
  • Engage your audiences and team
Your career is in your hands and you have stories to tell, experiences to share, and training to deliver.
Meet & Greet SOCIAL the week before. Details to Follow

Agenda includes

  • Express Yourself-The Benefits of Public Speaking
  • You are not alone – Overcoming Fear
  • Tips for a STELLAR Presentation
    • Day of Prep
    • Presentation Props (slides/flip charts/videos)
  • Fill your Calendar – Networking
  • Building your Brand – LinkedIn Profile
Two follow-up Group Synergy Coaching Sessions included. Dates to be determined in June.
Earlybird SAVINGS until April 30th, registration $88.00
May 1st registration $149.00
Invite your colleagues! The more the MERRIER!

AVMA Annual Convention Minneapolis

July 29th – August 2nd

CATALYST VetPC Workshop & Lectures

Navigating Client Communications – Defusing Anxious Clients & Embracing Empathy 8:00 – 12:00

  1.  Critically Evaluate the Delivery of the Client Experience; 5 Steps to 5 Stars
  2. Empathy or Sympathy or Sorry; Oh, MY!
  3. Difficult Client Communications & Resolutions

5 Functions of an Innovative, Purpose-Driven Veterinary Team 1:00 – 5:00

  1. Building Upon the Foundation of Trust
  2. Intent in Committing to Courageous Conversations
  3. Embracing Innovation – Small & BIG- Doubling Down on Accountability
  4. Measuring for Improvements – KPIs in Veterinary Team Wellbeing


Association of Veterinary Technician Educators – AVTE – Kansas City 

August 6th, Friday, 1:00 – 2:00 Central Time

6 Hacks for a Living Well Workday – Keep It Simple, Silly

August 8th, Sunday, 11:00 – 11:45

Red Flag/Green Flag: A Recruiter’s Tips & Tricks in Applying for Jobs 

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Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium

November 5th-7th

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What do you want out of your career? How can you and your team create a healthy, purposeful working environment? We simply want to support you in creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and career in veterinary medicine.

Join us during the November Symposium to receive solutions, build your tribe and grow, personally and professionally.