VetMed Career Coaching Session

You have a Career Coach in VetMed!

You may be overwhelmed at work and considering your options within veterinary practice or beyond. Turn your feeling of frustration and uncertainty into a career path that supports you in a holistic fashion, personally, professionally, and monetarily.

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Listen to Rebecca’s 55-minute Interview/Podcast on VetTechCafe  Thanks, Jeff & Dave!

You know there are a lot of career opportunities within veterinary medicine but unsure where to start or how to find resources? You will receive trustworthy insights shared during your Group Synergy hour! Join your host, Rebecca Rose, CVT, and a Certified Career Coach. She facilitates an Open Forum Style session with enthusiasm and shares tangible resources.

2.27.21 VetMed Career Coaching Group Synergy Saturday February 27th 8:30 AM $29.95

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