VIP Coaching

Your life, career and wellbeing in VetMed is important to us.

We simply care about you, understand veterinary professionals and teams.

  • Got Stress?
  • Lack of direction?
  • Few tools in your toolbox?
  • Fear of uncertainty?
  • Inability to take it to the next level?

We can help with all of that!

Schedule your free, 15-minute Discovery Call.

You may be ready to embrace your commitment to your personal and professional life. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns with the support of a Coach. Or maybe it is time to set your team up for success with a specific coaching strategy.

You’ve tried the other approaches

  • I’ve got this on my own
  • The next time will be better
  • I will take a course and everything will fall in place
  • Nothing to lose by learning more during a Discovery Call 

Your VIP Coaching provides  you with:

  • Defined Vision to ACTION plan
  • Proven process that positively impacts lives, careers and teams
  • Outline of needs and desired outcomes
  • Accountability to goals with progress reports
  • Weekly Coaching with resources
  • Personal review of your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile 
  • Unlimited IM with useful, timely responses
  • Group Synergy Collective
  • CATALYST VetPC Library
  • Fixed pricing for a month at a time (no contract/commitment) or savings for longer-term
  • Money-back guarantee

Thank you, Bridget, for the kind words.

Date: May 10th, 2020

Sending out a huge THANK YOU to Rebecca Rose, CVT at #catalyst veterinary professionals for coaching, supporting and guiding my career path when I needed it the most!

You are a true #veterinaryprofessional with a contagious #attitudeofgratitude ! 🙏

Bridget MacDonald CVT, VTS(ECC)

Coming soon, Vision to commitment to ACTION audit.