VPN Veterinary Team Insights

CATALYST VetPC is honored to have a monthly column in Veterinary Practice News (VPN); Veterinary Team Insights. Find the titles and links to the online articles chock-full of information for all veterinary team members focusing on team development, career growth within veterinary practices and teams living well.

Four ways to minimize “crickets”

When engagement happens, teams are generally happier and willing to contribute to the practice’s overall mission


Effective team meetings: How to identify them

By establishing solid routines, regular meetings can be valuable in building better communications, stronger teams, and improving trust.

Mindful Breathing; 10 Minutes a Day can Lead to Better Health 

The best way to describe conscious breathing is to be fully present in the moment, concentrating on your breath in your body

Words are powerful! Choose them wisely

When speaking with your veterinary coworkers, consider the words you use. Are they bringing your colleagues down or lifting them up?

How are you and your team doing?

The more you can focus on your self-care and the well-being of coworkers, the better you can take care of your clients and patients

Workplace safety: It’s everyone’s responsibility

Working in veterinary medicine is a great career—staying safe makes it even better

No one is exempt from doing their part to keep the workplace safe.

Why recommend pet insurance? The ABCs of PHI

Clients need to be given the opportunity to choose what is best for them to ensure their pets receive veterinary care for accidents and illnesses

Inventory manager: The secret employee you didn’t know you couldn’t live without

By having a designated, trained, and empowered individual managing your inventory, the likelihood of not having something you need diminishes

Improving your emotional intelligence

When it comes to sprucing up your EI, lean into active listening and let go of behaviours that might be holding you back

Courageous conversations: Respond, don’t react

Instead of reacting when a conflict occurs, practice productive ways to respond to sensitive conversations

Professionalism on Social Media

When it comes to platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, there are some basic rules we should all follow.

December 24, 2019

By Rebecca Rose, CVT, and Denise Mikita, MS, CVT

Professional etiquette: Build your career on it. 

There is a work culture expectation in being a professional.

November 28, 2019

By Rebecca Rose, CVT, and Denise Mikita, MS, CVT

How best to measure team well-being

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is well-known as a best business practice in evaluating your hospital’s health.

How Onboarding will set you Apart

When done appropriately, onboarding takes time, but is worth it!

Improving your emotional intelligence

Intelligence and personality may be established at a young age.

Choosing CE wisely to grow your career

There is a plethora of educational opportunities for you to choose from.

Are “team-building” exercises worth it?

Many team-building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group

Is the person you just hired a real CVT?

When applying for a position, anyone can claim to be a credentialed veterinary technician/technologist (CVT) in good standing.

Telehealth and telemedicine and teletriage… Oh my!

Just by picking up the phone and checking on the status of a patient, you’ve delivered virtual care.

Leveraging your team to its max

If you always do what you have always done, you always get where you have always gone

Professionalism on social media

How are you portraying yourself as a professional online?

Is onboarding the key to better team retention?

A guide to help understand the benefits of onboarding properly and possibly implementing needed changes

Professionalism—Own it!

Keeping professional behaviors in the forefront of your daily thoughts can lead to a cohesive team and satisfied clients

Strategies for holiday season sanity

Small changes in just a few areas can make a big difference

Five steps to five-star client service

You might be surprised by how making small improvements can create an extraordinary client experience

Attention job seekers: Tips for finding the right team culture for you

Veterinary hospitals employ many talented medical professionals, but it’s an establishment’s culture that can really set it apart

Overcome limiting beliefs about money

You’re not in veterinary medicine to get rich, yet economic realities require money in order to make a living

Find a culture crush, not a culture clash

July 2018

By Rebecca Rose, CVT and Denise Mikita, MS, CVT

Giving the gift of team feedback

Feedback can be tough to give and receive, and how team members will respond to it depends on how they’re wired.

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

Delivering innovative performance reviews

Time to get creative with different ways to encourage and support your team

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

Choose progress over perfection

Fear of failure or being less than perfect must not paralyze or overshadow a veterinary team

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

The art of managing

“Where do you draw the line between managing and micromanaging?”

By Denise J. Mikita, MS, CVT

Here’s to your personal and professional success in 2018

Reflect on the past year and make new goals for yourself and your veterinary practice

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

Times and titles are changing

Transitioning terminology from “veterinary technician” to “veterinary nurse”

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

Generational differences and veterinary marketing

The differences among marketing to baby boomers, Generation Xers, and millennials

By Denise J. Mikita, MS, CVT

How a clear mission can spur purpose

How to work toward a common goal of providing extraordinary patient care

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

How veterinary teams can unleash their full potential

Staff are encouraged to design, create and find support for their careers to reach new heights in job satisfaction.

By Rebecca Rose, CVT

Inaugural Article! How to achieve veterinary team success through synergy

Tips to make your veterinary practice run more smoothly

By Rebecca Rose, CVT