Dimensions in Veterinary Management

Interested in joining a Mastermind Group gathering like minded folks from within the veterinary  management community?


Mastermind Groups convening in 2020!

Online Dimensions in Veterinary Management 

Onsite, in-person Dimensions in Veterinary Management , Ol’ Town Littleton, CO (1150 W. Littleton Blvd)

Are you seeking support in management and interested in growing your career as a leader within your veterinary practice? Then DiVM is for YOU!

You are a prime candidate for DiVM if you are experiencing any of the following challenges:

  • In need of mentoring to increase management knowledge and confidence.
  • High team turnover, at an estimated expense of $10,000/new hire.
  • Low team morale.
  • Lack of team training and trust.
  • Having few formal tools for success (employee handbook, job descriptions, training programs, etc.).

If you answered “yes” to any of these challenges, join other veterinary managers and technician members in a unique, workshop experience!  Anticipate building a supportive community, online homework, one-on-one consultations and networking.

DiVM Spring 2020 Online

Dimensions in Veterinary Management educates, empowers, and elevates managers and team leads. 

You will benefit from the exchange of valuable information and LOADS of resources, increasing confidence and banking resources. The time commitment consists of the webinar (90 minutes) or Littleton meeting (2 hours) plus an hour, throughout the month, reading a couple of blogs and filling out valuable homework. An average of 3.5 hours a month.

“My time spent attending the DiVM workshop classes over the last six months has been some of the most valuable continuing education that I’ve completed in my 20+ years in veterinary medicine. I believe that attending these classes  renewed and reviewed how my hospital  and I perform in these areas (and others).  If you are looking for a continuing education experience that will provide an above average return on your investment, I highly recommend this program.”                                                             –Jamie Davis, CVPM

Following is an overview of the sessions focusing on team development, retention and wellbeing.

First DiVM class completed with a Thumbs-Up!

DiVM Graduates!

Managers, Technicians and Assistants will meet regularly, a program tailored to your needs (in-person/onsite or online). Prior to each session, attendees will receive pre-work as a way to prepare for the upcoming topics.

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Topics will include, although not limited to:

Relevancy of Employee Handbooks      

  • Overview of an employee handbook (including state and federal laws)
  • Benefits of having and utilizing an employee handbook
  • Basic laws governing the workplace and confidentiality

Lay the Groundwork, Job Descriptions      

  • “A Day in the Life” exercise
  • Importance and benefits of “living” job descriptions
  • Implementing and improving upon performance reviews and career goal setting

Set Them Up for Success, Phase training        

  • Identify team trainer(s)
  • Train the trainer, appreciation and resources
  • Implement a 6 week training program for everyone

Really, a Decline in Professionalism?        

  • Identify what is professionalism
  • Generate a professional policy
  • Define and understand morale vs culture

Hiring for Aptitude & Attitude. No Drama Termination     

  • Veterinary industry statistics in turnover
  • Old dogs, new tricks in seeking team members
  • Time to “blossom elsewhere”

Career Development & Wellbeing       

  • Colorado’s Peer Assistance Program for Veterinarians and hospital EAPs
  • Taking your career in management to higher levels
  • Celebrate graduation completion of the course!

Great opportunity for managers to engage and contribute! 

Comments from previous attendees:

  • “You surpassed my expectations! I learned something new in every class. Very informative! This will benefit any clinic. Not offering the team the services provided by CATALYST Consultants is allowing you to remain uninformed and at a disadvantage. Rebecca’s support and assertiveness has made me re-evaluate my work and personal goals for the better.”
  • “Great information, great networking opportunity, and very informal class allowing for good discussion of topics.”
  • “Rebecca’s coursework has been instrumental in helping me be a better manager.”
  • “Fantastic class! We learned so much every class!”

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