Industry Partner Collaborations

Value-Add for Veterinary Industry Partners-Let’s Creatively Collaborate! 


You are invited to partner with us in delivering extraordinary educational courses. We currently host three distinct, unique programs impacting various audiences. 

Dimensions in Veterinary Management, geared towards mentoring and coaching managers and team leads
Illuminating Veterinary Women’s Retreat, designed to build a strong personal brand, authentic vision, and values in a collaborative manner
Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium for all team members in creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and career in veterinary medicine

Workshops and Conferences

Need a speaker for your local veterinary meeting or want to sponsor a topic at a state meeting?

These interactive workshops can be designed for any type or size of the audience – from small veterinary practices to large conventions. We can create interactive, engaging Virtual Workshops!

CATALYST VetPC has worked with numerous industry partners in a variety of settings.

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graphHere are some ideas… These are based on feedback we received from an informal poll on our “Veterinary Teams Living Well” closed Facebook page. 

Popular topics include, but not limited to:
〰Defusing the Anxious Client
〰Client Communications; Empathy, Sympathy and Sorry
〰Courageous Conversations; Respond don’t react
〰Professionalism-Own IT!
〰Veterinary Team Wellbeing in MOTION
〰Profitability is a TEAM Sport
〰 Feedback; Get REALLY good at it!
〰 Stressors & Relievers; Combating Fatigue and Burnout
Virtual In-Hospital Workshops are affordably priced at $395/1-hour Zoom Meeting. This includes an anonymous, short survey, pre-work, presentation, and a follow-up with the practice manager. The class is recorded. We are happy to co-brand/logo these items.
These are not RACE approved, however, we can create a class for credits if you want to choose one for approval? We will need to guarantee 10 presentations within the next 12 months.
What questions do you have about creating customized In-Hospital Team Workshops?
Everyone is invited to participate in our FREE, monthly CATALYST Open Forum! The first Thursday of each month beginning at 11:30 Mtn Time. We simply choose a topic (listed on the webpage) and dive into the discussion! September the topic Soft Skills R HARD! Consider placing an invite on all your eNewsletters.


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