Get Hired-First Impression

You found it! Your dream job!

Now, to write the most outstanding, relevant resume and cover letter possible. Schedule the interviews. NAIL THE JOB.

Easier said than done!

Your frustration lies in writing something that captures your experience, defines your character, outlines your ability to work with a team, and adequately portrays the passion you have for healing pets and people. Am I right?!

We see the atrocious, poor first impression veterinary professionals send to hiring managers.

We support veterinary professionals in defining their career path to create and maintain a healthy, sustainable life and career in veterinary medicine.

We want your first impression (resume, cover letter, choice in references) to get you the interview.

Then we can coach you to feel comfortable and confident during your interview.

PLUS we can help you define the practice or career option that is the best fit for YOU! Through defining your personal Values, Vision, and Mission (know exactly what you WANT!)

You determine the commitment to your career by choosing the service and experience you want.

You may desire to schedule a FREE, 15-minute Discovery Call OR you may be ready to commit to Nailing your Dream Job!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to creating and maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and career in Veterinary Medicine?

Pkg 1 The Basics: Resume & Cover Letter

  • Evaluation of job announcement, current resume, cover letter and references
  • One 45-minute Zoom meeting
  • Discussion of employee background check
  • One recap email with resources

Pkg 2 Level-Up: Resume, Cover Letter & Interviewing

  • Includes The Basics
  • Two 45-minute Zoom meetings
  • Two recap emails with resources

Pkg 3 Dream Job: monthly VIP Coaching    (no long-term contract, simply a month at a time)

OR you may find Group Synergy is best for you.

Get Hired Career Coaching